Before you call a Newstead Locksmith , know the type of lock you have. Most locksmiths are familiar with the most common types of locks, including lever handle and electric door locks. But, they are also knowledgeable about a few types of locks that you should be aware of. Read on for information on some of the more advanced locks. Also, learn how to identify high-security locks, including fingerprint and facial recognition locks.

High Security locks

Buying high-security locks is a good idea, but for residential properties, they may not be necessary. Break-ins are a common occurrence, but locks are usually the least likely component to be compromised. In reality, perpetrators can gain entry through several other methods. Locksmiths will never be able to open high-security locks. So, why should you invest in a high-security lock?

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When shopping for high-security locks, choose those that have patented keyways to prevent key copping. This will prevent entry by a burglar who has the time and resources to make a duplicate key. In addition, look for high-security locks with anti-drill precautions. This feature should protect you from unauthorized copies and ensure that no one can gain access to your valuables. Despite this additional expense, high-security door locks are worth the investment.

Electric door locks

If you want to avoid being locked out of your home, you should invest in a lock that a locksmith can open. Many electric door locks don’t have deadbolts and are easy to guess by intruders. Keyless locks use a unique code and require programming, as well as regular battery replacement. Before purchasing a lock, check the grade to ensure its security. Residential homes generally have grade 3 locks, but if you own a commercial property, you should opt for a higher grade.

A faulty deadbolt function and batteries are common issues with electronic locks. Fresh batteries are vital for these locks, and they should be replaced regularly. If you are unsure whether your electric door lock is battery-operated or not, you can try replacing the batteries. You may also consider contacting the manufacturer of your lock. If your lock is not easily accessible, you should call a locksmith as soon as possible.

Facial recognition or finger print locks

Fingerprints or facial recognition systems work by recognizing tiny patterns in your finger. However, if your finger is injured or has a blemish, the system will have trouble recognizing you and preventing access to the facility. In such a case, you will be forced to use a key code or replacement key. It is therefore crucial that you learn how to open a finger print or facial recognition lock before putting your finger in a locked door.

This technology is incredibly useful for home security. However, the main problem with such a lock is that a locksmith will not be able to open it without knowing your finger prints or face. However, you can prevent locksmiths from opening these locks by using smart door locks. They allow you to keep the doors locked and will send a notification if a burglar tries to enter through an unlocked door.

Lever handle locks

If you can’t open a lever handle lock, it might be the case that your door is in a particularly difficult spot. Lever handles are often found on home and office doors, mailboxes, safes, and more. These locks work by using a series of levers to prevent the bolt from moving. Typically, you must lift the lever to a certain height before using a pick to free the bolt. There are three or five levers on these locks.

Another reason your lock might not be able to be opened by a locksmith is the key itself. A key that is not cut properly can break inside the lock and result in the lock not opening. Using another key can solve this problem, but if your lock is completely unresponsive, you should call a professional locksmith. Having a new key made especially for the lock is a great idea if you are unable to open the lock yourself.

Security safes

There are several reasons why you may be locked out of your security safe. You may have heirlooms, valuables, or important data inside. Attempting to open the safe yourself may end up damaging the contents. Fortunately, locksmiths are specially trained to open such security safes with the least damage possible. You can also hire one of these professionals to perform the job for you if you feel unsure about how to open your own security safe.

Oftentimes, locksmiths are unable to open certain types of security safes due to the intricacy of their locking mechanisms. Depending on the type of safe you own, locksmiths may need to use specialized equipment and special knowledge to open them. In such cases, you will need to contact the safe manufacturer to have them provide you with the necessary information. Locksmiths can also open safes if you have accidentally locked it.