If you are planning to use a concrete drilling machine, you will have to know some basics. This article will cover concrete coring, Barrel bits, Hole saws, and safety. Then, you will know how to use these tools. The most important aspect to consider is safety. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the right concrete core drill and get started on your next project.

How To Use a Concrete Core Drill? A Helpful Guide

Diamond core drills

A diamond core drill is a high-speed, high-production method for cutting holes through concrete. Its safety features include low noise, minimal vibrations, and no immediate damage to the surrounding structure. This method also leaves clean and straight openings, requiring no cosmetic repair. And unlike traditional drills, diamond core drills cut through rebar to make a clean hole as deep as 60 inches. However, these tools are not without their limitations.

Barrel bits

The Concrete Core Drilling Bit is a special tool that allows you to drill deep into the concrete. This bit has a coupling, a tubing and a crown, each of which can vary in length. The coupling has a length of 4 inches, and the middle tubings range in length from 12 inches to 24 inches and even 48 inches long. To extend the core barrel, you can add more middle tubes. The Diamond Bit segment, with its Roof(M) shape, is specifically designed for high-speed drilling machines. These segments have the ability to drill through concrete walls, reinforced concrete, and even water.

Hole saws

A hole saw is an industrial tool used to drill through a concrete core without slicing through the core. It has an annular cutting blade and a pilot drill bit inserted in the center to prevent the saw teeth from walking away. Hole saws are more efficient than twist drills and spade drills because they create holes faster and require less power. But which hole saw should you buy? Here are a few things to consider.


Using proper safety equipment when drilling concrete cores is essential for your own protection and that of others. Proper tools and equipment are essential for drilling, as it’s impossible to drill without them. Wear appropriate eye and breathing protection. When you turn on the core drill, you’ll have to be especially careful to avoid choking on dust or catching your hands in the rotating bit. Protect your eyes by wearing earplugs and other suitable eye and face protection.

Size of cores

When drilling concrete, it is important to use the correct size of concrete cores. A core should be at least three times the maximum size of the coarse aggregate. Cores should also be at least twice as long as the diameter. A core should be rejected if it is too short or too long. If the core’s diameter is smaller than the slab’s thickness, it should be discarded. The strength ratio between the core and the cylinder must be at least 85%.


While some people are unsure of the exact cost of concrete core drilling, the cost of this service can be significantly more expensive than a simple hole in the ground. The process is designed to remove the entire cylinder of material, including the perimeter of the hole. The material that remains inside the drill bit is called the core, slug, or annulus. In some cases, additional services may be necessary, such as GPR scanning to locate various utility lines.