If you are looking for the best project management software for construction, you’re not alone. It can be a challenge to decide which tool will provide the most benefits for your company. This article will explore some of the top choices, including PlanGrid, CoConstruct, and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Here are a few features to look for when choosing a construction software solution. Listed below are the pros and cons of each option.


PlanGrid project management software for construction streamlines the documentation process by automating tasks like rendering, organizing, and tracking submittals. The software is aimed at helping you manage your project efficiently and consistently while still maintaining high quality. The program includes configurable tools for managing document management and control, allowing you to easily share project information with collaborators. Users of the program will also benefit from its comprehensive record-keeping capabilities, which ensure that all documents are accurately captured, reviewed, and approved.

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With PlanGrid, users can upload documents, share them with others, and print them out. They can also mark up drawings, highlight areas, write text, and more. Users can also save annotations as local files or share them with other team members. The software offers three different tiers of subscriptions. The plans differ in the number of “sheets” a user can access. For instance, the basic subscription costs $55 per month.


If you’re looking for a project management software that can handle both commercial and residential projects, you should check out CoConstruct. The software lets you create change orders with ease, letting you get client sign-offs virtually. Its features also make the billing process easier, as it allows you to view, edit, and approve all bills in one place. With these features, you can stay on top of the finances and impress your clients.

CoConstruct is not free to try, but you can request a demonstration video to see the features in person. CoConstruct does offer a money-back guarantee, which you can take advantage of if you don’t like it. You can cancel the subscription within two months if you are not satisfied with the program. You can also contact CoConstruct support to ask questions. The support staff answered my questions promptly.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

For the best results, a project management software such as Autodesk Construction Cloud must be integrated with BIM 360. This cloud-based software connects workflows, teams, and data for better building and project management. Its cloud-based interface makes it easy for anyone to use and allows for collaboration. But before you start using this software, make sure you have enough subscriptions for your project. If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of this software, keep reading.

Most construction project management software solutions feature similar features, including scheduling functionality, daily logs, work-in-progress reports, and to-do lists. Many tools are also cloud-based, making them more accessible from any device with an internet connection. These types of tools are ideal for businesses with highly collaborative processes and remote users, as they automatically update data when a user makes an edit. These features make them ideal for construction companies.


Stack project management software for construction helps you manage a large amount of data with ease. The software helps you create and track estimates, make takeoffs, manage costs, markup, tax, overhead, and invite clients, all in one convenient platform. Not only that, but the software also helps you to create customised estimates and bids, which you can send out to clients and team members. You can even use it to communicate with your team members in real time.

STACK construction project management software is cloud-based and designed specifically for professional contractors. It simplifies the bid process, enables customizing proposals, and offers an intuitive user interface. It also offers good customer support and learning materials, including a community hub. This means that you and your team can work together and share ideas and insights. Because construction projects are so complex, project management software should address all the different needs of construction projects.